“Am I Daydreaming?” – Maniac

“Am I Daydreaming?”

Maniac officially released their new single “Am I Daydreaming?” just the past week – and I love it already.

Ever since I saw the band live at Detuned Radio Festival last October, I have been hooked. Their phenomenal stage presence, along with a perfectly crafted live set is definitely a ‘one-of-a-kind’ experience.

“Am I Daydreaming?” departs from their old gritty, edged up metalcore style from their first album, to a more pop punk-fused emo track, with carefully balanced melodic, moody alt. rock elements.

Although at times the lyrics may seem childish or even a bit weird (Holding your hand, walk around the mystery , now I know you are my worlds end girlfriend), it is overshadowed by lead singer Jason’s emotion-filled delivery along with the ebb and flow of the track’s production.

Production elements at time reminds me of ‘Drown’ by Bring Me The Horizon – especially when their epic sounding chorus is immediately followed by a chilled out, keyboard-filled post-chorus. Strings also fill the stereo soundscape, weaving in and out of the ambience of the track, adding that extra oomph to this arena-ready piece.

Listen to “Am I Daydreaming?” on: Spotify // Bandcamp // YouTube

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